Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We're The Schmidts

We just cannot help it, we laugh all the freaking time… mostly at ourselves… sometimes at (and with) our kids, and pretty much all of the time at other people or things.

Is that mean? Ya… probably. Do we care? Yes… kind of… well… no, not really It's just too darn fun. This blog will probably turn out to be the biggest waste of time in your day, but we really hope you'll GET it and GET US! because if you do, I swear to you, you'll laugh every time you read it!

We love words and we love laughing. SO often the two go hand-in-hand. Mostly, people (including us) say stuff wrong. Sometimes we say things weird. You can guarantee that there is rarely an email or a text exchanged between us (or friends) that doesn't have a word spelled exactly how we would say it… or how we would say it to be funny-- maybe with an accent, or how someone we know (friends, family, or even seen on tv) says it, etc…
I mean we efrickeen espell estuff ED-ZACHARY how we esay et. Yes… we even combine accents within sentences… or senences… I hope you're gettin' it and laughing a little… or a widdle bit. Also, when people or things strike us, I don't know what our problem is, but we just cannot let it go (if it's even remotely funny).

Look forward to sharing some of what makes us laugh.

Bill & Desirée
(we may have to change names in the future because some of our stuff can get mean).

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