Sunday, April 22, 2012

There is/There are

Just because people aren't as intent on enunciating as I am, do I have to be upset about it? Why do I care? It's their speech so it shouldn't bother me. Here's me, though, ummm… the one who can't let stuff go. So … YA it's a problem! Why do people say, "Impordid," instead of important? Seriously?! How about there is and there are? Don't even get me started… actually… too late; I'm started. Lesson. 

There IS must be followed by a SINGULAR noun or a non count noun (e.g., milk). 
There is an apple in my lunch. 
There is some chocolate in the cart.
You can make there is a contraction as well: 
There's an apple on the table. 
There's is NEVER followed by a singular. 
There's six people coming over. Do you want me to cut you!?! NO, you don't, so don't say that crap!

There ARE must be followed by a PLURAL noun.
There are several children reading quietly. 
There are shoes in the hallway.

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You're welcome and there's WAY more to come!

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Oh and PS… I bought a do-it-yourself gel nail kit and I did it this week. It's awesome. I LOVELOVELOVELOVE it! I also made this amazing recipe today!

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