Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So… we like to talk. We're fairly good listeners, but we're much better at talking. That being said, we tend to like people who are also talkers. It gets a little crazy sometimes, though, when we're in a room full of talkers.

Sometimes, being a good friend (or sister, as the case may be) really calls for good listening. This was the predicament I found myself in tonight.

I called my sister tonight… 's been a while since we've spoken and just wanted to catch up. When I call her, I need to get myself into listening mode. She's got so much to say and has little interest in what I might have to say, so I was ready.

This is my sister, so let's be clear… I love her… dearly.

You ever talk with people who do 98% of the talking? You try to get a word in edge-wise and just end up giving up?

In the course of the conversation, I checked the mute button about 6 times to see if maybe I had accidentally hit it (since it was clear she wasn't hearing my attempts to interject or participate in the conversation in  another way). No such luck. I hadn't hit the mute button.

My husband thinks it's the funniest thing. He's sitting there playing Angry Birds laughing all the while I've got the phone off speaker on my shoulder (not on my ear). He can hear every word she says (from about 4 feet away) and every attempt to speak that I make and he's dying with laughter.

At one point, Bill goes into the kitchen and makes us both a cosmo. Sweet. It's been a while since we've enjoyed a quiet evening at home and had a drink, so I'm a little excited about it. He brings me this cosmo… yummmmmm… and I spaz out and don't get a good grip on the stem. I spill the effn thing on my beautiful red leather chair, on my sweater, on the carpet, and on the phone, which I dropped. Both of us get all worked up and are making a racket about the mess. "Oh no! What the??!!" etc… Not too extraordinary, but the funny thing is that my sister had absolutely NO EFFN idea that anything had happened! She didn't skip a beat! She was so eager to get all of her words out that she couldn't even hear what was going on on our end. OMGOSH!

Like I said, we're talkers and we like talkers. Thankfully, we can be listeners when we're needed.

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