Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Himme Gimme

I can barely even see the computer screen right now because typing the words, "himme gimme," LOL is a freaking crack up. The other night, we were driving home from our team WINNING… uh huh… WINNING the adult co-ed rec volleyball league championship (we're pretty BA) with our two youngest children. We laughed so hard when this happened, that I'm BOUND to recall it incorrectly, but here goes…
It was about 8:30 on a school night, which is bedtime (or a little after) for our kids. We were talking on the way home and letting the girls know what would be happening when we got home (basic every night stuff [that you have to REVIEW every single day because they just can't get it… there's hope, right?!]).
"So when we get home, we're going to need to get pajamas on and brush teeth right away and… (SNEEZE)." Interjection-- here's something super stupid about me… I make weird noises. I'm not Autistic, nor have Asperger's, nor Tourette's… I do it intentionally. Usually when going to the bathroom (I know TMI, but I want to you get it), but also just randomly when sighing or to break up a tense mood. So when I finished this mid-sentence (or senence) sneeze, I blurted something stupid out… totally random, but said, "Himme gimme," and then continued my sentence about getting ready for bed. Bill stops me immediately and says, "No, that's it! Nothing more needs to be said. That's it: Himme gimme. Period." I totally get him and I'm busting up. The girls, however, don't quite get it, so he starts to explain. I thought I would seriously pee and I even begged him to pull the car over because I was raffing so hard. "So girls, all we're going to say (from now on), is, 'Himme Gimme,' that's it. That's says it all: bath, teeth, pajamas, etc… etc… we're just going to use the one key phrase and you'll know." I am absolutely cracked up into a zillion pieces probably with snot running out my nose because I'm LMAO so hard.
This wasn't just a one night deal… no no no! We're sitting at dinner last night and we were running down the rest of the evening and when it came to… you know what… yep, Bill blurts out, "HIMME GIMME!" Believe it or freaking not, the kids all got it and the laughter riot was in full effect again. They had such a fun time saying it over and over again… we all did.
So, the next time you want to save yourself some breath, just give it a shot. With regular use over the course of your child-rearing years, himme gimme could just add a few extra minutes to your life.

You're Welcome,
Bill & Desirée

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