Saturday, April 28, 2012


So we go and meet some friends for the evening who were camping just outside town (a half hour or so). Beautiful weather… spring is here (at least for now-- we'll see). The plan was to grill burgers & dogs, possibly have a drinks, and call it a night (back home in our beds).
We arrive and take a short walk down to the riverbank. The river is fast today. The idea of rafting had been on the table earlier in the week, but when our guide kept checking through the week, it just didn't seem safe, so it was a no-go! No big whoop-- much better to be safe. We're ready for dinner though. All of a sudden… change of plans. The guys don't want to grill, they want to order pizza from in town. The girls are like WHAT THE HECK???!!! Who the heck orders PIZZA when camping. In all my life, I have absolutely never done that-- in fact, I'm not sure I've ever camped anywhere near enough for that to even be an option.

Next thing we know, Nathan's on the phone with the pizza place. He's placing the order and we're cool with that. He's a riot though and has the actual driver on the phone. Everyone had been kind of ignoring him up to this point, but it went dead silent when he said to the driver, "Can you stop by Safeway for me on your way out?" Oh man! This driver seems to be totally cool with that. Nathan offers him a $20 tip, proceeds to give him a short list, and asks us if there's anything else we want. We had brought stuff to make s'mores, but realize I have just one package of graham crackers, so I tell Nathan, "A box of graham crappers would be good." I'm not big on ordering pizza, but I have never even HEARD of someone doing something like this and I am DYING!!! Top that off with the fact that we have a new name for graham crackers and… it's a good ole time for everyone! We cannot WAIT for this driver to get here and see if he actually comes through! LOL!

I get to talking a bit much and  my husband… being the doll he is… grabs a box of cheese-its and everytime I start talking, he sticks one in my mowff. It gets to the point-- pretty quickly-- that I can't talk. Goal accomplished (in his mind). I like cheese-its, so I'm not exactly complaining, but I'm asking him… WHAT THE??!! He renames them "Shut Ups." Oh my gosh! HILARIOUS.

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